Letter #6


Christmas 2003


Hello Everybody!  This is my first Christmas, so Mommy and Daddy decided to let me help write my first Christmas letter!  I am so excited to be a part of the fun this year and for many years to come!  I was officially 10 months old as of December 7, 2003.  By the way, my name is William Charles Brinkley, III.  Most call me Little Bill, but Mommy’s family call me William as not to get me mixed up with Daddy.  I answer to about anything with a HUGE SMILE!


I was suppose to make my big debut on March 8, 2003, but God and I had a chat and we decided that it was time for me to come early.  Mommy kept thinking that I was moving a lot on Feb. 6, 2003 and I surely was!  I was preparing to come into the world and say hello!  I was officially born on Feb. 7, 2003 at 7:16pm weighing in at 5lbs. 10ozs.  I remember Mommy and Daddy going to eat Mexican the night before I came and it did not set well with me, so here I came!  I was so happy to get here and so was everyone else.  I was just fine!  I had jaundice for a few weeks, but kicked that in no time.


The months before I got here were exciting for me, Mommy and Daddy!  Mommy was in a leadership class called CLIMB and she and I had some adventures!  We got to go into one of the B2 Bombers at Whiteman AFB and fly the simulator.  We also got to visit the capital building and prison in Jefferson City, MO.  What a time that was!

Daddy and Mommy had lots of fun watching me grow and move in mommy’s tummy!  Daddy would put the tv remote control on mommy’s tummy and watch me kick it off.  Little did he know that the remote would be one of my favorite items to chew on when I started teething.


Each month of my life has been such a learning experience.  I have learned to SMILE lots and say Mama and Dada.  I know how to wave hello and bye bye and even untie Mommy’s shoes!  I also like to tickle people’s feet cause that is what Mommy and Daddy do to me to see me laugh.

I am crawling and pulling up on things like crazy.  Mommy and Daddy don’t know what they are in for when I start walking… I will be able to get to everything my heart desires!  Yeah!


I just flew on an airplane for the first time on Dec. 6, 2003.  Mommy, Daddy and I went to California to visit my great grandparents and great aunt and uncle.  We had a great trip and I even got to see King Kong at Universal Studios.  I also got a pair of Mickey Mouse ears… I look really cute in them!


Daddy and Mommy are still working at Central Missouri State University and both enjoy their jobs.  Budget cuts have settled for a while so they are thankful for that!  They are both able to watch me during the day and night.  Mommy works days and Daddy works nights so I don’t have to go to daycare.  I am glad to get to stay home with them.  They are lots of fun!


I have really great grandparents!  Gamie and Grandpa Brinkley & Grandma and Grandpa Yanez come to visit me a lot!  They play with me and bring lots of great things to wear and play with.  I even get to help drive Grandma Yanez’s scooter and I know exactly what I am doing!  I am an excellent driver!  I also get my picture taken my Grandpa Yanez and I look really good!  Oh, yeah, I got to ride the mechanical bull at Gamie and Grandpa Brinkley’s dance hall and never fell off ( of course Gamie was helping me).


Well, I guess I have written a long enough letter for my first time.  I hope that I have not talked your ear off ( I get that trait from Mommy), but I have so much to tell you all!  I look forward to getting to meet all of you someday.  I also can’t wait for Christmas day when I get to play with all of the wrapping paper my heart desires!  I just love the way it makes that “crinkley” sound and I also like the way it rips into a million pieces!


May each of your families have a wonderful holiday season, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I know that God will bless all of you as he has me, Daddy and Mommy! 



Little Bill & Daddy (Bill) & Mommy (Kristie)