†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††Letter #8


Christmas 2005


Hello and Happy Holidays to everyone!Itís me, Billy Brinkley, and Iím back to write my 2nd official Christmas letter to all our friends and family.As you recall I wrote my 1st letter to you all when I was just 10 months old and now I am a BIG 2 Ĺ years old.I will be 3 on Feb. 7, 2006.I am really looking forward to my birthday because I get to have cake and this will be great as I think that all parties now days should have cakeÖ just ask mom and dad.


I became a big brother this year and am excited to say that my little brother, Jonathan Parker Brinkley, came along on May 26th of this year.Heís a pretty neat little guy and I canít wait for him to get bigger so we can play cars.There is nothing better than playing cars and if you ever come over to our house I will show you my room and we can play cars.


Jonathan is getting bigger all the time and he is learning to say ďDa, Da, DaĒ.He is rolling over and getting really good at sitting up.When I lay by him on the floor he likes to pull my hair.It hurts a little, but I donít mind as I know heís just letting me know he loves me.


I started preschool in August.I go to the preschool at CMSU where mom and dad work.I go 3 days a week and have made lots of friends.We play math games, draw pictures and play in the loft.We sometimes take walks on CMSUís campus and we have gone to visit momís office.I really like to go there because I get suckers!YUM!I really like preschool and will be going there again in January.This year my preschool had a float in the CMSU Homecoming parade and mom and I rode on it.We waved at all the people and I got to hand out candy.It was Fun!


Mom and Dad are still working at CMSU and enjoy what they do.They are thankful for their jobs and me too so we can see each other when Iím in preschool.I am so proud of my DAD!He got his Masterís degree in Criminal Justice and will graduate on Dec. 16th.We are all so happy for him and I know heís glad too as he does not have to keep writing that thing they call a ďthesisĒ.All I know is that it took a lot of paper to print it off!J


I have spent time with my grandparents this year and had fun.I love to go and visit Gamie and Papoo Brinkley and Mitzi, their dog.Papoo lets me drive his truck and Gamie takes me to Wal-Mart and we love to shop.Grandma Karen and Papoo Rudy Yanez let me have fun when I visit them too!I get to drive Papu Rudyís silver van and Grandma Karen lets me honk the horn and steer her scooter.She also plays bounce the ball with me.†† Itís GREAT!

I also enjoy spending time with my great grandparents, Grandma and Grandpa Matthews.They come over a lot and play cars with me and read me books.Oh yeahÖ the grandparents seem to really like Jonathan too. They hug and kiss us both a lot!


We have had a good year and I hope that you and your families have too!Mom, Dad, Jonathan and I send our best to all of you as well as Godís Blessings.



Bill, Kristie, Billy and Jonathan Brinkley